Electronic Material Solutions Network LLC

Consignment Partners
The most effective method of marketing excess materials is by transferring your unused, surplus material to our ESD-warehouse. EMSNET catalogs, inspects for accuracy, and shelves the inventory for sale as a "Stock" item. At the end of each calendar month, you receive a summary report and a check for all items sold.

Posting Program
If you would like to maintain the surplus material in your facility, EMSNET will "Post" your excess availability through our network. We will purchase the items directly from you as we require them.

Liquidation Option
EMSNET will offer to buy your entire lot of surplus material in one transaction. Although this option does not offer 100% recovery, it can offer quick cash and speedy removal of surplus components from your system.

    EMSNET Representatives work directly with your materials staff to:
  • Identify surplus material in your system and survey the list for integrity and marketability.
  • Launch a global marketing strategy to sell those parts out of your storeroom fast!
  • Coordinate a communication loop to move materials from your facility to EMSNET in a timely manner.